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Tokyo Shiki: Set Mangá Japonês


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Sinopse: “You can pay for the tutoring with sex.”

Kyohei Saotome, a ronin student, ran into Yuto Jinguji, a former classmate from his old high school, at the train station. Jinguji was accepted at the top of the class at the same university where Kyohei had failed. Kyohei, who grew up as an honor student in a strict family full of elites, was facing his first major setback when he failed the university entrance exam. Jinguji offered Kyohei a deal: tutoring for sex. Kyohei found Jinguji’s lecherous demands repulsive, but he fell for it. Soon, Jinguji found himself intensely attached to Kyohei…

(Source: H&C Comics, translated)

Note: Second volume includes an after-story between Kazuma and Ren from “4-gatsu no Tokyo wa…”

Origem: Japão.

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