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Lover Boy: Manhwa Coreano


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Sinopse: “From my earliest memory until now, there wasn’t a single moment where I didn’t like you.” Eunho Jung proposed to Jaeha Yoo, the older boy next door, for the first time when he was three. It stopped being cute when he confessed his feelings again in high school, and once Jaeha got married, the two lost touch. They’re reunited by chance years later, Eunho as a university student, and Jaeha, a jaded divorcee. Eunho’s determined to prove he’s not a kid anymore, but does Jaeha’s self-destructive spiral allow for feelings?

(Source: Tapas)

Note: The chapter count includes a prologue and 9 extra chapters.

Autor: Zec.

Origem: Coreia.

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