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I Became the Villain’s Mother: Edição Especial Coreana


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Inclusões:  (hardcover memo pad + 3 types of character bookmarks + 3 types of illustration postcards & paper frame SET + first edition limited appendix postcard + limited edition with box)

Sinopse: Summoned into her favorite novel as the infamous Duchess Roselia Chade, Haena is bathed in riches, power, and a family of her own. Life couldn’t be better, save for the small detail that her beloved stepson, Einspanner Chade, is also the evil mastermind destined to kill her. At this point in the story Ein is still just an adorable child yet to reach his cruel awakening, and so Roselia is determined to stop him from becoming a ruthless killer. But with the duke getting in her way and trying to poison his own son, safely raising a child that was primed for villainy may prove harder than she originally thought. The survival of both mother and child depends on whether Roselia can successfully rewrite their tragic ending!

(Source: Tappytoon)

Origem: Coreia.

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