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Flirting 9 to 6: Manhwa Coreano


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Sinopse: When country bumpkin Kang Bong-Soo lands a new office job in the big city, he falls in love at first sight with Yoo Ji-Won, the refined and sophisticated deputy manager in a neighboring department. After initially resigning to silently pine for Ji-Won, Bong-Soo unwittingly spots him making out with a man at a gay club and decides to confess his true feelings. When Bong-Soo’s plans to form an emotional connection go awry as Ji-Won responds with a naughty proposition, the innocent and naïve Bongsoo is caught completely off guard. How will Bong-Soo handle the sudden onset of sexy workplace flirting?

(Source: Lezhin US)

Note: Chapter count includes a prologue and 22 side stories.

Autor: Yun-Hui Lee

Origem: Coreia.

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