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FAKE FACT LIPS: Mangá Japonês

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Sinopse: Zen and Ryo have been rivals since high school. By chance, they get jobs in the same company and start competing against each other. Both are sore losers. And one day, when they are having drinks after work, the topic turns to love and romance and the argument gets heated as usual, only to find out that they have a silly competition to see who will cum first is the loser. That naturally leads to the intercourse but still disputing on the bed, they come up with the next new competition…whoever makes the other fall first is the winner! Both are good at business but too bad at love, what will become of Zen and Ryo’s love competition !?

(Source: Renta!)

Note: Includes 1 extra chapter.

Autor: Machi Suehiro.

Origem: Japão.

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